In Depth Professional Area Rug Cleaning , 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

In Depth Area Rug Restorative Clean Vs In Home Area Rug/Mat Cleaning

 In-Home Basic Rug/Mat CleaningIn-Depth Area Rug Restorative Clean
Recommended for Fibres/Styles:Synthetic, machine wovenWool, natural fibres, hand woven, high quality machine woven, with fringe
What Type of Rug Is This Meant For?Small mats, inexpensive rubber backed decorative rugs, mats/rugs made from wall to wall carpet
Rugs that make your home complete and that you want to have around for a long time, larger rugs, oversized rugs
SizesUp to 8x10Any size
Available In HomeYesNo - FREE Pickup & Delivery
Special Area Rug Cleaning FacilityCan be done in home or in plant, process will remain the sameIn depth clean must be performed at our shop, using specialized equipment & drying racks
Double Sided Dust/Debris RemovalNo, customer vacuums prior to our cleaningYes, rug will receive a 4 step dust removal including double sided vacuuming & double sided treament with our heavy duty rug duster to remove the maximum amount of dust & debris.
Spot & Stain TreatmentStandard treatment, same as wall to wall carpet. This method is not suitable for heavy staining or strong odour concernsSpots & stains will be treated & cleaned. Deeper or persistant stains that return after drying will be re-treated as necessary.
Multiple Cleanings to Handle heavy soiling/deep stainingNoThe rug will be cleaned as necessary to restore it to the best condition possible given the age and wear of the rug. This may include multiple cleanings.
Heavy Staining/Pet ConcernsNot RecommendedRecommended
Cleaning SurfaceMust have adequate space & light, and must be on a water resistant hard surface.Our facility has a spacious cleaning area with a sealed concrete floor.
DryingMust have space to dry rug on a water resistant, hard surface (not hardwood - sealed tile or linoleum recommended)Our facility is equipped with special drying racks and fans for thorough, proper drying.