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My Pet Just Had An Accident

When you have carpets and pets in your home, an unfortunate fact of life is pet stains and odours. While there are many tips and DIY tricks to minimize the impact of your dog or cat’s accidents, professional carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and area rug cleaning can help to thoroughly remove pet stains and odours and extend the life of your carpet, upholstery and area rugs.

At home clean up of stains while they are fresh is a key step in making sure that pet odours and stains do not become permanent. If you have a fresh pet stain on your carpets, upholstery or area rug, click below to visit Alberta Carpet Cleaning’s Stain Guide for immediate clean up tips!

Urine Clean Up & Stain Removal
Vomit Clean Up & Stain Removal
Feces Clean Up & Stain Removal

Carpet Cleaning Recommendations – Light Pet Stains

If your pet has the occasional accident and you are able to clean it up quickly, our standard carpet cleaning may be appropriate for you. Generally, this is the case if you don’t have visible stains, no odour concerns and are fairly certain that your pet is not urinating in hidden spots on your carpets or furniture without your knowledge.

Carpet Cleaning Recommendations – Medium to Heavy Pet Odours & Stains

A thorough professional carpet cleaning does a great job when it comes to removing most routine soiling and staining. However, biological stains, especially those from urine, can penetrate deep into the carpet, even through the backing into the underlay. Additional measures may be required to deal with the staining and odour caused by urine.

If you have concerns about odours or visible pet stains on your carpet or upholstery, especially from urine, we recommend BioTreat™ enzyme based pet stain remover. BioTreat™ uses helpful bacteria to digest organic waste left by bodily fluids, pet deposits and food. BioTreat is left on your carpets while they are clean and damp, working their way through the damp fibres to digest whatever organic material is present. Once the carpet dries, you simply vacuum and the process is complete.

Unseen Stains – About Carpet Wicking

Have you ever cleaned your carpets or had a professional carpet cleaning, only to find that when the carpets dry, urine stains and odour return, or even worsen? This has a lot to do with the wicking effect.

Professional carpet cleaning is designed to thoroughly clean the “pile” of the carpet. The pile is the fibres that make up the part of the carpet that you see. It may be tight, like a berber, or it may be thick and long like a shag. Past the pile, is the backing, and under the carpet itself is underlay. The problem is, pet urine does not confine itself to the surface, or the pile of the carpet. If you don’t find the urine immediately it may soak through the backing and into the underlay. The spreading of the stain below the surface will often be larger than what you see on the surface.

When your carpets are professionally cleaned, the urine deep in the carpet, and possibly into the underlay can “wick” or be drawn up the damp carpet fibres to the surface, where they appear larger than before, and bring an unpleasant odour.

Alberta Carpet Cleaning uses a professional grade, pet safe enzyme based product called Bio-Treat ™ to treat urine stains and odours. Bio-Treat ™ is applied following your cleaning and the active formula works over the next 24 to 48 hours to actually digest any residual organic material and stains, improving the appearance and the smell. For extensive staining/odours that return to the dry carpet after the use of BioTreat™, we will return to reapply the product to ensure the stain is thoroughly and completely digested.

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