How much does Carpet Cleaning Cost in Edmonton?

Many people wonder how much does professional carpet cleaning cost? Prices vary by city and region, depending on the basic costs of doing business like wages, supplies, fuel, and rent. In Edmonton, Alberta the average cost of professional carpet cleaning is about $45 per room, with total home cleaning price depending on how much of your home is carpeted.

Factors that Influence the Cost of Professional Carpet Cleaning

  1. Size of Your Home / Carpeted Areas
    • This is the main thing that will impact your price. Most companies charge a minimum charge of $120-$150 to come out for a cleaning. This will usually cover the first couple of rooms or areas of cleaning. Extra large rooms, wide steps, long hallways or carpeted landings or closets may all be things that impact how much carpet cleaning costs in the end.
  2. Spot and Stain Treatment
    • Some companies charge extra for spot and stain treatment. Alberta Carpet Cleaning includes regular spot and stain treatment in their pricing.
  3. Additional Treatments
    • If you have concerns about heavy pet staining or odours, or just overall odours, you may opt to add on additional treatments to ensure a great end result. This may include carpet deodorizer or enzyme based pet deep stain treatment, or professional carpet fabric protector to restore the stain resistant coating your carpet had when it was new.
  4. Exceptional Situations
    • If you have had a flood or other disaster, the how much your carpet cleaning will cost will be different than for a normal cleaning, as there are additional steps involved. Alberta Carpet Cleaning can help with clean water removal and cleaning of carpets that have been flooded with clean water, but the pricing for flood cleaning is an hourly charge, and not the regular per room price.
  5. Building Type & Equipment Needs
    • Some apartments are not accessible with truck mounted cleaning equipment, meaning the set up time and cleaning time will be different than with truck mounted cleaning equipment. Alberta Carpet Cleaning has a higher minimum charge for portable cleanings. Additionally, most commercial cleanings are charged hourly, not by our regular room list prices due to differences in wear and soiling, as well as type of carpet.

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Alberta Carpet Cleaning Reviews

We had our dining room chairs done ! And some tub chairs done. Really needed it ! Turned out great. Alberta Carpet/furnature cleaning tech,was very knowledgeable. They look like new. Thanks to Alberta Carpet/Furniture/ Furnace cleaning.

- William Ratcliffe

Very pleased with the service for both carpet and furnace duct cleaning. The costs for the services were clearly explained at the time we booked our appointment. The technicians arrived at the expected time. After assessing the work that had to be done, the technicians once again explained the costs of the job. There were no hidden cost surprises. The technicians were courteous and took the necessary measures to prevent any damage to our home. All in all, we were pleased with the work and professionalism of the technicians. Excellent job!

- Lawrence Pshyk

Great job done and some of the best customer service I've encountered. The technician (Jason) was very friendly and personable. He was very quick and efficient in his work. The carpets look and smell great! Very happy with my choice to use Alberta Carpet Cleaning! I'm sure I will repeat in the future.

- Markvl

I hired Alberta Carpet Cleaning to clean my large area rug. They were amazing. They picked up my rug from my home and dropped it off as well. It was so easy. Mark did an amazing job! He was super fussy and ended up calling me to ask if he could keep it a bit longer because it was still smelling weird. Now it looks and smells brand new! I would highly recommend their service! Thanks Alberta Carpet Cleaning!

- Karen Gartner

Great service! Had my sofa, chair and ottoman cleaned. The tech was very quick and professional. Great value for my dollar. The furniture is looking and feeling fresh! 10/10 would recommend the furniture cleaning.

- Kaylae Jewell