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How Can We Help?

You name it, we've seen it.

Real Life is Messy

“Hello? I spilled hot pink nail polish on my carpet and it’s sucking my will to live…”(from a real customer phone call)

Whether you’ve had a makeup mishap, or you have some other reason for calling in the pros, we know that carpet cleaning or furniture cleaning is often not a joyous life event. At Alberta Carpet Cleaning, our goal is to take the soul-suck out of your cleaning experience and let you get on with your life! Our customer service team and professional cleaning technicians will address your specific carpet or furniture cleaning needs, no matter what your reason for cleaning is. 

When to Call Us

There are dozens of reasons for a professional carpet cleaning. Here are some we see all the time.

I’m still training my dog…

Learn more about BioTreat™ our HomeSafe™ enzyme-based pet stain and odour neutralizer. Read More.

I’m moving

Whether you want a clean start, or you need to clean before you’re out, we can help Read More.

I have guests coming over

Let us help get your home clean for your special occasion Read More.

My kid’s a messy eater

We can help with all kinds of carpet & furniture spots! Read More.

There’s been renovations lately

Let us help put the finishing touches on your home transformation with carpet and furniture cleaning Read More.

I just need a routine cleaning

Clean feels better. Read More.

What Our Customers Have To Say

Excellent service all around. Upfront about everything, work was clearly explained and the service did exactly what was promised. The technician (Scott D) was very courteous, professional and did his job well.

- Douglas Morgan

Easily one of the best run businesses in town! We had a perfect experience from booking through to the cleaning. Our technician, Bogdan was an absolute legend and educated to me a point where I could hold my own in a conversation regarding carpet cleaning. I would highly recommend using this business for any of their services!

- Kyle Nolan