Put the finishing touch on your reno with carpet & upholstery cleaning!

Carpet Cleaning After Renovations

If you’ve recently renovated and want to complete your new, improved home feeling, professional post renovation carpet and upholstery cleaning is an excellent finishing touch!

When scheduling your post-renovation cleaning:

  1. Carpet cleaning should be last – if you have other services or people coming in and out of your home, leave the carpet cleaning until they’re all done to ensure it stays looking great!
  2. Allow paint to dry fully (at least 48 hours) before we come – our cleaning will add moisture to your air, which can disrupt the drying process for paint, or in the worst case, depending on the humidity of your home, lead to less than perfect paint results. Give the paint a couple days to cure before getting us in!
  3. Let us know if something changes – renovation delays happen! Let us know if we need to move your appointment by a few days or weeks!

Book your post-renovation cleaning now or telephone us at 780-444-7847 so we can help put the finishing touch on your renovation!

Thinking About Replacing Your Carpets?

You’re thinking about renovations and you are not sure if you want to replace your carpets? Clean first! At less than $250 (often much less!) for cleaning the average home, you may want to try cleaning before considering the hefty investment of new flooring. We have many customers who say their 10+ year old carpet was brought back to life by professional cleaning. You might be surprised! Check out some of our cleaning results here.

Alberta Carpet Cleaning Reviews

I recently had the pleasure of using Alberta Carpet Cleaning for their furnace and carpet cleaning services, and I am satisfied with the results. From start to finish, their service was professional, efficient, and delivered exceptional outcomes. The team arrived promptly at the scheduled time, and their friendliness immediately put me at ease. They took the time to assess the condition of my furnace and carpets and explain the cleaning process, ensuring I was comfortable with the service they were about to provide. The technicians were careful in their work, paying special attention to high-traffic areas and stubborn stains. The pricing was fair and transparent, with no hidden fees or surprises.

- P Ng

My couch looks better than when I got it! It smells good, looks good and my technician, Jerrod B, completely understood why I wanted to salvage my couch. He explained the guarantee, told me the after care, ensured everyone in the home was aware of the hoses and cords so no one tripped. The best part about this service was Jerrod, he commented on how nice the couch was, and on the Lego I had in my living room. He was absolutely pleasant to my 8 year old sister, and the pets in the home. He was so nice and friendly to chat to, it was a shame he left! Once he was done, I looked at the couch and he said he was happy how it turned out, and the he tried his best to get it cleaned up ( cat urine is extremely difficult ) overall, if I could give a higher rating I would, the technician was great, thoroughly knowledgable, and early! The couch is better than when I bought it, and I will use their services again if I ever need it. Thank you for saving my couch Jerrod!!!

- Jennifer Phillips

I had paid for a different company to come in and do my carpets, and there wasn't much difference at all. Then I tried Alberta Carpet Cleaning, and all the stains and odors Etc were gone. The carpet looks very, very good now, so we do not have to put in laminate. Oops, I meant to mention the gentleman who did the carpets Jason G. was fantastic , he was friendly and funny and went beyond the customer's expectations by far . I will definitely go with these guys again next time I need carpets done! Thanks again! :) Kate

- Margarita Girl

I had Justin from Alberta Carpet Cleaning back today. He did such a great job last time I just had to have him again. Had stairwell and area carpet cleaned, as well as my patio furniture cushions. They look amazing. Fast, friendly and great cleaning service each time. Highly recommend!

- Eileen Dent