Additional Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Treatments

Our regular cleaning does a great job of removing most soiling and materials that might cause odours in your carpet and upholstery, but depending on your specific odour concerns, or the overall use of your carpet or upholstery, you may benefit from an additional treatment. 

Which treatment is right for my home?

Benefit / ConcernSpring Breeze DeodorizerBioTreat Pet Odour TreatmentStainShield Protector
Strong odours from cooking, smoking, or other sourcesTRUE
Concerns with moderate to severe pet accidents & odoursTRUETRUE
Re-application if odours linger after cleaningTRUE
Reduce premature fibre damage in heavy traffic areasTRUE
Prevention of stain hazards such as food, drinks, art supplies, makeup, petsTRUE
Restoration of stain resistance/liquid repelling propertiesTRUE
1 Year Protection GuaranteeTRUE

Spring Breeze Deodorizer™

At Alberta Carpet Cleaning, our regular carpet cleaning can substantially reduce or completely remove the causes of many smells, but if you have specific concerns about strong odours, you may consider the addition of Spring Breeze Deodorizer™ to boost odour fighting power.

Spring Breeze Deodorizer™ is an odour counteractant that is applied along with our enzyme-based pre-conditioner to address odour concerns that you may have with your carpets or furniture. It is designed to increase the strength of your cleaning by combating odours caused by smoke, foods, pet oils, dander and more while leaving behind a pleasant, fresh scent.

BioTreat™ Pet Odour Treatment

Biological materials from urine, feces or vomit can penetrate deep into carpet and furniture and can cause strong odours that come back, regardless of conventional efforts cleaning efforts. The problems of odours do not necessarily come from spills themselves, but rather from the digestion of these substances by microbes, bacteria and organic material in your carpet.  

For serious contamination and accidents that soak deep into the carpet, we recommend Biotreat™ Pet Odour Treatment. It is an enzyme based product that when applied on damp carpets, can wick down into areas that are unreachable to our cleaning method, and consumes these substances. This can considerably reduce or completely remove odours, renewing the life of your carpets and upholstery.

Common Questions about BioTreat™

Is BioTreat™ safe?

Yes, BioTreat is certified to be pathogen free, and all of its organisms are listed on the CANADIAN DSL (Canadian Domestic Substance List).

Doesn’t the carpet cleaning remove all of the soil/organic material from the carpet?

Carpet cleaning will remove soiling from the carpet, but organic contaminants (such as food spills and pet urine) find their way to the base of the carpet where it is virtually impossible to remove by carpet cleaning alone. BioTreat™ will migrate along the damp carpet fibers to the organic soiling, will digest this waste and only produces water and harmless carbon dioxide in the process.

What happens to BioTreat™ when the waste (food) is digested?

BioTreat™ organisms then go back into a dormant state and will remain so until moisture, food reaches them, and the process will start again.

StainShield™ Professional Fabric & Carpet Protector

Treat your rugs with Professional Fabric & Carpet Protector

An armchair being treated with StainShield™ Fabric Protector.

Carpet Protector helps your rug resist soiling and makes cleaning up spots and spills easier. PLUS we make it easy for you to keep your furniture looking great, with our Protection Guarantee: For 1 year from the date that we apply Carpet Protector to your area rug, we will return up to two times for FREE to treat spots and stains on the treated furniture items! 

Our Carpet Protector: 

  • Helps carpet fibers resist soiling. 
  • Makes blotting up liquid spills easier. 
  • Helps stains release more easily when upholstery and carpet is cleaned. 
  • Helps carpet & upholstery stay clean longer. 
  • PLUS! We will come back twice to clean any spot or stain that you can’t remove on anything we treat with StainShield™. 

Common Questions About  StainShield™

How long does  StainShield Protector take to dry? 

Under average room temperature conditions (21°C, 50% Humidity), most objects should dry overnight. Always be sure to check before resuming normal traffic in the treated areas. 

Will  StainShield Protector change the feel of my carpet or upholstery? 

With some carpets and upholstery, you may experience a slight change in the feel after StainShield Protector has been applied. However, routine vacuuming and traffic will bring back the original feel. 

How do I maintain areas that are treated with StainShield?

For optimum protection performance it’s best to have regularly used carpeted areas professionally cleaned by your Authorized StainShield Protector Applicator. The most important thing to remember is that even with StainShield Protector, carpets and upholstery require good housekeeping practices. 

What Our Customers Have To Say

I had Justin from Alberta Carpet Cleaning back today. He did such a great job last time I just had to have him again. Had stairwell and area carpet cleaned, as well as my patio furniture cushions. They look amazing. Fast, friendly and great cleaning service each time. Highly recommend!

- Eileen Dent

Fast, efficient, and thorough. Thanks for extending the life of our carpet. Only a year old and in great condition. Even cleaned our entry area rug for free cause they used our hose to wash off their hose. Awesome! Would highly recommend them. 2300sf done in just over an hour. Yay!

- Kimberly Allison

We recently hired Alberta Carpet Cleaning and were very impressed with every aspect. They were punctual, courteous and went right to work. They did a great job at a reasonable price. I would not hesitate to use their services again or to recommend them.

- deb s

We had all the carpets cleaned in our house today by Alberta Carpet Cleaning. Bogdan was excellent. He took a lot of care to explain the process and our options for cleaning. Great guy. He did a great job. Highly recommend.

- Al Anthony (Tereall Consulting)

I call these guys every time and they always exceed my expectations!! I was renting a house and the landlord had the rugs done twice by another company without great results we had Alberta carpet come when doing our move out after 8 years and the carpet was cleaner than when we moved in. Well worth the money - but also very reasonably priced! Friendly, knowledgeable staff!!

- Angela Anderson

Albert Carpet Cleaners did a wonderful job. The carpets smelled so bad from previous tenants, I wasn’t sure if they were salvageable. When they were done the carpets looked new and smelled fresh and clean. I would highly recommend.

- Heather Carson