Disasters and floods

Carpet Cleaning after Disasters or Floods

Have you contacted your insurance company?

If you have major water damage or other major disaster, the most important first step is to contact your insurance company. They may have a certain process you need to follow in order to make a claim, and may be involved in choosing a restoration company to manage the process.

Non-Flood Disasters

We do have experience treating mild smoke damage in carpets and upholstery, however, for complex disasters like fires, it is important to have a restoration company assess the overall situation and help to determine the course of action, as our services will not address smoke damage to walls, ceilings and other contents of the home.

When Did the Flood Happen?

Mould and mildew can start to grow in damp areas very soon after flooding occurs, and depending on how extensive their growth is, may require the services of a restoration company, or even full replacement of the carpet. We only clean/extract within 48 hours of flooding because we do not have the procedures, equipment and training to do full remediation that may be required after that time frame.

Grey water vs. Clean Water

Used or grey water and sewage may be contaminated with bacteria and other dangerous materials that may require more intensive remediation. For this reason we are only able to assist with the extraction of water from clean water leaks.

Clean water could come from:

  • Rain water
  • Dishwasher
  • Washing machine
  • Hot water tank leak

Grey water is water that has already been used (in a home or a business). Grey Water or Sewage sources would be:

  • Sump pumps or floor drains
  • Sinks
  • Showers
  • Toilets

Flood Clean Up Process

The process for cleaning up with a flood is very different than our routine cleaning process.

  1. All furniture and other items must be completely removed before we arrive from the carpeted area or room where flood occurred.
  2. Carpets will be pulled back, and the underlay will be removed – you are responsible for the disposal of the underlay, and should have garbage bags on hand.
  3. You will need to arrange the replacement of the underlay with a carpeting company.
  4. The water will be extracted with our high power vacuum.
  5. Both sides of the carpet as well as the subfloor will be cleaned and treated with Benefect™, to prevent any growth of microorganisms.
  6. Both the carpet and the underlying floor must be allowed to thoroughly dry following the cleaning – use of fans, extra heat and air circulation can help to speed up this process.

Pricing for Flood Clean Up

Flood clean up is not priced by room or area, but with an hourly rate. Pricing will be estimated on site due to the difference in time depending on the flood conditions as well as size of the area. Flood clean up can take several hours to complete depending on the size of the flood. Benefect™ treatment is mandatory, and is an additional price of $99 for the first unit and $49 for each additional unit. 

Please call us at 780-444-7847 to see how we can help you with this situation.

Alberta Carpet Cleaning Reviews

Excellent service and great quality results! Ronald was professional, polite, and provided the absolute BEST carpet cleaning service I have ever had. A couple other companies took no precautions to protect flooring, corner casings/baseboards, or banisters resulting in damage and my long hiatus from doing a long overdue cleaning. Alberta Carpet Cleaning and Ronald were beyond reproach and their guarantee - guarantees it! He laid drop mats to protect the tiled floors, placed corner guards where required, and even raked all carpets when finished, not leaving any footprints! I had 5 spaces done, which included stairs, one chair/stool and StainShield will protect them until the next cleaning is needed. My carpets are "like new." Thank you, Alberta Carpet and Ronald. I recommend you without hesitation and will ONLY use your services going forward. A very particular and satisfied customer.Services: Clean carpet, Clean upholstery

- Linda Keep

I had my area rug cleaned, they were right on time to pick it up. Mark was very polite, courteous and professionally. he explained everything to me right at the beginning and asked if I had any questions.Mark also asked if I wanted any extras done and gave me the cost up front. He returned my carpet earlier than I expected and the price was exactly what I was quoted.My rug looks brand new and smells terrific!!! Mark explained how to care for my rug in case of spills or stains.This company is amazing and I highly recommend them.Service: Clean area rugs

- Colleen Seesequasis

Bogdan did an amazing job. He was very courteous and professional. It was hot in the house and he was working hard but never complained. He educated me on different types of carpets. The carpets were spotless when he was finished.I think Alberta Carpet Cleaning is an amazing company and to hear Bogdan speak of his employer, I think they are very good to their employees. I also know from personal experience that they do a lot of charity work.I highly recommend their services.Service: Clean carpet

- Maureen Watson

I really appreciate the excellent service you have provided. I now have your company number, listed on my limited number of service providers,who I will contact to provide service on my new house , or recommend if someone I know, will ask for it.

- ramirtl

The gentleman that came to our house his name was J Bogdan he was very professional, and polite he did a wonderful job on all the carpets I would definitely recommend him on any job that you want done right. So keep up with the great employees you have hired that are making a great name for you guys.Service: Clean carpet

- Jerry Olivieri

They cleaned very stained carpets from a rental property for me. Carpets Came out close to new. Amazing. Use the stain guard service. It works. Way easier to clean the carpet the next time.Services: Remove pet stains & odors, Clean carpet

- James Cooper