Area Rug Cleaning

Exactly like carpets, but smaller.

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Professional Area Rug Cleaning Services

We clean most types of area rugs, from synthetic fabrics, to wool, and handmade Oriental, Indian and Persian area rugs. Our professionally certified area rug cleaning technicians, many of whom have been with us for 10 years or longer, bring experience and expertise into your home to make sure the job is done right. 

Alberta Carpet Cleaning offers two types of area rug cleaning – In-Depth Restorative which we do at our facilities, or In-Home Area Rug Cleaning.  

Which is right for me?In-Home Basic CleaningIn-Shop Restorative Cleaning
Recommended for fibres / styles:Synthetic, machine-wovenWool, natural fibres, hand-woven, high-quality machine-woven, with fringe
What type of rug is this meant for?Small mats, inexpensive decorative rugs.Rugs that make your home complete, larger rugs, expensive rugs.
SizesUp to 8 x 10Any size
Available in homeYesNo. FREE Pickup & delivery
Special area rug cleaning facilityNo, done in home.In-depth clean must be performed at our shop, using specialized equipment and drying racks.
Double-sided dust / debris removalNo, customer vacuums prior to our cleaning.4-step dust removal including double-sided vacuuming & double-sided treatment with our heavy-duty duster to remove the maximum dust & debris.
Spot & stain treatmentStandard treatment, same as wall-to-wall carpet. Spots & stains will be treated & cleaned. Deeper or persistent stains that return after drying will be re-treated as necessary.
Multiple cleanings to handle heavy soiling / deep stainingNoThe rug will be cleaned as necessary to restore it to the best condition possible given the age and wear of the rug. May include multiple cleanings.
Heavy staining / pet concernsNot recommendedRecommended
Cleaning surfaceMust have adequate space & light and must be on a water-resistant hard surface.Our facility has a spacious cleaning area with a sealed concrete floor.
DryingMust have space to dry rug on a water-resistant hard surface (not hardwood – sealed tile or linoleum recommended).Our facility is equipped with special drying racks and fans for thorough, proper drying.

Additional Area Rug Treatments

  • Spring Breeze Deodorizer™ is an odour counteractant applied along with our enzyme- based pre-conditioner which increases the strength of your cleaning by combating odours caused by smoke, foods, pet oils, dander and more while leaving behind a pleasant, fresh scent. Learn More.
  • BioTreat™ Pet Odour Neutralizer is an enzyme-based pet stain treatment that counters urine odours and stains by digesting biological materials that have soaked deeper than regular cleaning will reach. Learn More.
  • Carpet/Fabric Protector restores the factory applied stain resistant coating to your carpet or furniture. This protects it from stains, and reduces routine wear and tear. Learn More.

Handmade Area Rugs (Oriental, Persian, Indian)  

Freshly cleaned area rugs drying in our facility.

Handmade rugs require special care and maintenance to keep them looking their best.  To give your rug a deep, professional, restorative cleaning, we bring it to our dedicated area rug cleaning facility.  Once there, your area rug will receive a 4-step in-depth restorative process:

  1. Full Spectrum Lighting Inspection:  this allows us to clearly see any hidden spots and discolouration
  2. High Power Vacuuming: Our high-powered, industrial strength vacuum system removes trapped dust and debris from BOTH sides of your rug.
  3. Double Sided Rug Dusting: after vacuuming we use our Wolverine rug duster to beat the rug from both sides to shake loose deep down dust & debris that even regular vacuuming can’t get rid of.
  4. Special Attention to ALL spots and stains: (No extra charge)
  5. Hot Water Extraction: We use the same high heat cleaning equipment and the same HomeSafe cleaning products that we use in your home for the best cleaning results.
  6. Thorough Drying: We complete your area rug cleaning with a thorough drying on our special drying racks to avoid the risk of mildew caused by poor drying.

Our technicians examine area rugs closely for pulls, rips and tears to ensure we don’t cause any further damage while cleaning. If there are deeper or persistent stains that return after drying, these will be re-treated as necessary. If your rug has heavy staining from pets or other sources, it will be cleaned as necessary to restore it to the best condition possible given the age and wear of the rug.  This may include multiple cleanings.  

When the cleaning is complete, we will deliver your rug back to you for free!

What Our Customers Have To Say

I hired Alberta Carpet Cleaning to clean my large area rug. They were amazing. They picked up my rug from my home and dropped it off as well. It was so easy. Mark did an amazing job! He was super fussy and ended up calling me to ask if he could keep it a bit longer because it was still smelling weird. Now it looks and smells brand new! I would highly recommend their service! Thanks Alberta Carpet Cleaning!

- Karen Gartner

Fast, efficient, and thorough. Thanks for extending the life of our carpet. Only a year old and in great condition. Even cleaned our entry area rug for free cause they used our hose to wash off their hose. Awesome! Would highly recommend them. 2300sf done in just over an hour. Yay!

- Kimberly Allison

I had a fantastic experience with Alberta Carpet Cleaning. Their staff were very helpful in following up with me and working with my schedule for the pick up and cleaning of an area rug. In particular, Jeff was very helpful! When my rug was picked up, the technician, Justin, communicated the process very clearly and provided excellent service!

- Linnea Bell

HI we recently had our carpets and an area rug cleaned by Alberta carpet cleaning and we are very pleased with the results and will recommend this company to our family and friends.our carpets are now very clean and fresh and the worker who completed the work was very good at his job and told us he enjoys doing this and gave us lots of advice on how to care for carpets, rugs and furniture.We will defiantly be contacting Alberta carpet cleaning in the future.Services: Clean carpet, Clean area rugs

- Graham Neeves

Socrates picked up my rug on time and returned it on time. It’s so clean, it looks brand new! I’m thrilled with the service. I don’t know how it compares with other carpet cleaning places in terms of cost, but the quality is amazing! Socrates even brought it inside my house which is great because it was too heavy for me to do myself up my stairs. Now I just need to figure out a way to keep my dog off of the rug 😆Service: Clean area rugs

- Andrea Burkhart

Thank you Alberta Carpet Cleaning for an amazing job cleaning my carpet and area rug!This is my second year using this company, and I recommend them to every and all persons looking for a great cleaning job.I thought off ripping the carpet from my kids room and was even told that some of the stains wouldn't come out, but when the cleaning was done my carpet came back to life.The staff and reception are relatable and they take their time to make sure you are satisfied.Services: Clean area rugs, Clean carpet

- Karlene Barnes