Stains, Upholstery Cleaning Tips

Carpet & Area Rug Maintenance

Regular Maintenance

Immediately After Cleaning:


Please take care when walking on freshly cleaned carpets, as they may be slippery, especially on stairs and when walking from damp carpet to hard floor surfaces. Wearing clean, white soled non-slip shoes or slippers is recommended.

Air Flow

After cleaning your carpets or furniture will be damp for up to 24 hours, depending on the temperature, air flow and humidity. You can help speed up the process by running fans, including the summer fan on your furnace, opening windows (in summer) and keeping the area warm. If your carpets are not dry within a day, please contact us.

Spots & Stains

When stains have soaked through to the backing of the carpet or upholstery or even into the subfloor, they often spread below the surface of the carpet, and cleaning can cause residues to “wick up”, causing stains to reappear or even appear larger after cleaning. If you have any concerns with the results of your cleaning, even after everything has dried, please telephone us.

Regular Maintenance:

Vacuum Thoroughly: Although it may not be obvious, dust and dirt settle into your carpets from the air and everyday use. Vacuuming your carpets thoroughly and frequently keeps them looking great longer. How frequently you should vacuum is based on how much dust is in the home and how much use the area gets, but a good rule of thumb is once per week for all of your carpets, and 2-3 times per week for high traffic areas.

Spot Clean: If you have a small spill or spot, clean it carefully and quickly while it is still wet, following our stain guide. Use an absorbant material such as a cloth diaper or disposable diaper or feminine pad to absorb as much as possible. If there is a large volume of liquid, we recommend calling a professional as it will be difficult to extract on your own.

Treat Your Carpets With Professional Fabric & Carpet Protector: Carpet protector helps your carpet resist soiling and makes cleaning up spots and spills easier. Plus we make it easy for you to keep your carpets looking great with our protection guarantee: for 1 year from the date that we apply carpet protector to your carpets or upholstery, we will return up to two times for free to treat spots and stains on the treated items!

Keep Up The Cleaning: Carpet manufacturers recommend professional cleaning every 12-24 months in order to maintain your warranty and keep your carpets looking great for as long as possible. Cleaning your carpets regularly can prevent premature wear, improve appearance and prolong their life.

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What Our Customers Have To Say

Awesome service. Told them that I had to cancel my booking as I needed an earlier time, I was called and was booked the next day. Technician came and was super friendly and got everything done quickly.Service: Clean carpet

- Natalie Muzika

Mark B was very professional in every way. He explained what he would be doing . He was happy to answer any questions I had and was very thorough. The end result was amazing. The carpets look better than I expected. Thankyou Mark for such a wonderful experience. Highly recommend this company for carpet cleaning.

- Brenda R

Socrates picked up my rug on time and returned it on time. It’s so clean, it looks brand new! I’m thrilled with the service. I don’t know how it compares with other carpet cleaning places in terms of cost, but the quality is amazing! Socrates even brought it inside my house which is great because it was too heavy for me to do myself up my stairs. Now I just need to figure out a way to keep my dog off of the rug 😆Service: Clean area rugs

- Andrea Burkhart

Justin was excellent, personable and did a great job. He explained the situation with the coffee drip stains on the stairs and was reassuring that I did not put water on them as a removal try. I would recommend this professional company as value for money paid.Service: Clean carpet

- Sheryl Porter

Alberta Carpet Cleaning did such a great job on our carpets. They got us in on very short notice as well. The technician was very cordial and friendly and explained what he was doing. I would recommend them to everyone.Service: Clean carpet

- Vera F

Our wool rugs were well cleaned. Scott, the technician who picked up and delivered our rugs, was professional and very pleasant to deal with as were any staff we dealt with over the phone or via email. We have used their services many time and at least once per year for the area rugs and twice for broadloom carpet cleaning, at all times the rugs have been cleaned well.

- Tess Gleason