Have you ever cleaned your carpets or had a professional carpet cleaning, only to find that when the carpets dry, stains and odour return, or even worsen? This has a lot to do with the wicking effect.

Professional carpet cleaning is designed to thoroughly clean the “pile” of the carpet. The pile is the fibres that make up the part of the carpet that you see. It may be tight, like a berber, or it may be thick and long like a shag. Past the pile, is the backing, and under the carpet itself is underlay. The problem is, spills do not confine themselves to the surface, or the pile of the carpet. If you don’t find the spill immediately it may soak through the backing and into the underlay. The spreading of the stain below the surface will often be larger than what you see on the surface. 

When your carpets are professionally cleaned, the spills deep in the carpet, and possibly into the underlay can “wick” or be drawn up the damp carpet fibres to the surface, where they appear larger than before, and bring an unpleasant odour. 

If the spot or stain was from urine, Alberta Carpet Cleaning uses a professional grade, pet safe enzyme based product called Bio-Treat ™ to treat urine stains and odours. Bio-Treat ™ is applied following your cleaning and the active formula works over the next 24 to 48 hours to actually digest any residual organic material and stains, improving the appearance and the smell. For extensive staining/odours that return to the dry carpet after the use of BioTreat™, we will return to reapply the product to ensure the stain is thoroughly and completely digested.

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Alberta Carpet Cleaning Reviews

I had Justin from Alberta Carpet Cleaning back today. He did such a great job last time I just had to have him again. Had stairwell and area carpet cleaned, as well as my patio furniture cushions. They look amazing. Fast, friendly and great cleaning service each time. Highly recommend!

- Eileen Dent

Fast, efficient, and thorough. Thanks for extending the life of our carpet. Only a year old and in great condition. Even cleaned our entry area rug for free cause they used our hose to wash off their hose. Awesome! Would highly recommend them. 2300sf done in just over an hour. Yay!

- Kimberly Allison

We recently hired Alberta Carpet Cleaning and were very impressed with every aspect. They were punctual, courteous and went right to work. They did a great job at a reasonable price. I would not hesitate to use their services again or to recommend them.

- deb s

Excellent service all around. Upfront about everything, work was clearly explained and the service did exactly what was promised. The technician (Scott D) was very courteous, professional and did his job well.

- Douglas Morgan

Great experience - quick, efficient and fair pricing. The associate that came to my house walked me through the pricing, process and tips for afterward very well. Happy customer!

- Jessica Lamont

We had all the carpets cleaned in our house today by Alberta Carpet Cleaning. Bogdan was excellent. He took a lot of care to explain the process and our options for cleaning. Great guy. He did a great job. Highly recommend.

- Al Anthony (Tereall Consulting)