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5 Tips for Helping Your Carpets Dry Faster

Opening windows can help improve drying times by increasing air flow

Three Critical Factors

The three critical factors when it comes to drying anything are: temperature, air flow, and humidity. Think about your clothes dryer – it applies heat, it rotates, which moves the hot air through the clothes, and it vents humid air away to create dry clothes quickly.

What You Can Do

Unfortunately your carpets can’t go in a dryer, but there are some easy steps you can take to help the drying process:

  1. Turn up the Heat (or turn down the cool!) – if you have air conditioning and like to keep your house at a chilly temperature, this may increase drying times. Setting your thermostat a little higher and allowing the temperature to rise a few degrees more than normal can help to speed it up .
  2. Open windows – air flow can help to improve drying times and opening windows can help, unless it is very humid outside.
  3. Use floor fans – running floor fans in areas with damp carpet will help to move the humid air created by evaporation out of the space, and dry the carpet more quickly.
  4. Run the furnace fan – even if you don’t have air conditioning, you can improve the circulation of air in your home by turning on your furnace’s summer fan – basically just the fan on the furnace will be on (not the heat), which will circulate air more quickly and encourage drying.
  5. Open interior doors – sealing up a room or area with damp carpet is a sure way to extend drying time – by opening up your room doors, you will allow moist air to escape and encourage air circulation in your home

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