Alberta Carpet Cleaning – Edmonton’s professional carpet cleaning company. Serving you since 1981! Alberta Carpet Cleaning – Edmonton’s professional carpet cleaning company. Serving you since 1981!

Who is Alberta Carpet Cleaning?

We are Family, We are Neighbours

Alberta Carpet & Furnace Cleaning in Edmonton is a local family business run by the Rudolph family since 1981. To us, being a family business doesn’t just mean that members of the owners’ family work in the business. It means that we embrace our people as a part of our family. We have many long-term career employees who have been a part of Alberta Carpet & Furnace Cleaning for over 20 years each, and several multi-generation families of employees!

One of our core values is: Be a Good Neighbour. A core part of our hiring process is to assess the natural helpfulness and friendliness of candidates – we always try to hire people who are the kind of person you can rely on, just like a good neighbour.

Our History

In the fall of 1981, John Rudolph was living near Vancouver, BC when he heard about the opportunity to buy and run a struggling Edmonton offshoot of a local carpet cleaning company. He rushed home to tell his wife, who was 6 months pregnant with their second child. She listened to him, walked to a closet and grabbed a moving box, and said “I guess it’s time to pack!”

Our history includes many ups (winning the Consumer Choice Award for Business Excellence in Edmonton in our category every year it’s been surveyed) and downs (losing our office to fire once!), but one thing has always remained the same for over 40 years: Alberta Carpet & Furnace Cleaning is a proud part of Edmonton, and we’re here to serve you.

Our Purpose

We are proud to be over 50 people strong in Edmonton, with team members from almost every continent (sorry Antarctica, no penguins here!). Regardless of role, background or position, our people are united by a common purpose, which is: We Take Care of People.

We seek to fulfill our purpose by helping over 18,000 customers every year to maintain pleasant and clean indoor environments through carpet cleaning, furniture & upholstery cleaning, area rug cleaning, furnace & duct cleaning and other related and commercial cleaning services. On any given day, our skilled & experienced cleaning technicians can be found cleaning in homes all over Edmonton and surrounding areas. We also do larger projects at schools, hospitals, and businesses around Northern Alberta and occasionally, even for our neighbours in BC and Saskatchewan!

In Our Community

We value community very highly, which is why we strive to be a good corporate citizen the best way we know how – by cleaning. Alberta Carpet & Furnace Cleaning provides free carpet and upholstery cleaning services to many Edmonton non-profit organizations including Ronald McDonald House, e4c, Make a Wish Foundation, Little Warriors Be Brave Ranch, Habitat for Humanity and many more.

Our Promise

Alberta Carpet Cleaning is a local, family owned business serving Edmonton & surrounding areas, not a national licensee, franchise or sub-contractor. Your satisfaction is very important to us, and that’s why we stand behind our work with our Happiness Guarantee.

This is our simple, no nonsense promise. If you have a problem with your carpet, furniture or area rug cleaning, give us a chance to try to fix it. If you’re still not happy, we’ll refund your money. Your satisfaction with your cleaning is very important to us, and  If there are any problems at all with the cleaning or your experience with Alberta Carpet Cleaning, we want to know. You will receive a telephone call within 48 hours of your furnace cleaning to do a “Happy Check”, but if at ANY time you have any concerns or feedback, please contact us.

Alberta Carpet Cleaning Reviews

Alberta carpet cleaning did my downstairs carpet and the Technician was prompt, friendly and knowledgeable. There was no high pressure sales job or unexpected charges which I have experienced with other companies. He couldn't get all the pet stains out but did the best he could under the circumstances. I would recommend others use this company.Service: Clean carpet

- Harvey Semrok

Technician was on time and professional. Took the time to communicate to me what he was going to do and how long it would take. Followed his word and finished the job in a timely manner. Followed all current safety protocols while doing so.Service: Clean carpet

- Devo Proulx

Got the recommendation to go with Alberta Carpet Cleaning from my realtor.Very easy to get in touch with someone online and phone to get a quote. They even made some suggestions with my carpet cleaning needs based on my rooms, hallway and stairs to offer a better cleaning package that saved me money immediately compared to the initial quote!They were flexible and easy to book me in within a few days. Where I got the pleasure to work with Scott D. Awesome friendly guy who was extremely professional and explained the progress while doing the walk through in the house and areas before getting to work.After the cleaning, carpets looked completely different and new.Shocking how much dirt and grime over ten years was gone while having a dog in the house too. He was even nice enough to clean a small area rug in my laundry which was above and beyond my expectations.Will definitely use them again in the future as the quality, price and value are there. 👍Service: Clean carpet

- Abel Tsang

I hired these guys to come clean a carpet that was really bad. I explained everything that was wrong with it and they ASSURED me that they were sending out a senior technician and he'd get it done. The first tech to show up was Socrates. He looked at it and immediately said you'll need to call a restoration company. I told him that it was a rental and I was moving out. Alli needed for him to do was try to clean it. He refused, so I called the company and said we have a huge problem with one of your guys. I explained everything that had happened and ended up getting in contact with the manager Dana. She said she'd send out another guy but they wont guarantee anything now. I said that's fine, I just need him to TRY at least. Mark came out and he SAVED THE DAY. The carpet was almost perfect after he was finished. If only Socrates would have done his job and tried, there wouldn't have been any issue. But I honestly think that he didnt want to take it on and was, for lack of a better word, lazy.Service: Clean carpet

- Lyss Merchant

From the moment I booked the carpet cleaning, with the ladies last month great service from everyone. When Laben rang our doorbell, he was on time, professional, courteous, helpful, friendly and knowledgeable about carpet cleaning and caring. Laben worked fast and efficient walking us through all the rooms before and after, helped moved furniture also.I would reccomend "Alberta Carpet Cleaning" to all my family, friends & neighbour's. Thank you so much.FrankService: Clean carpet

- Nonnas Bistro