Contact us ahead of your move in or move out to book your professional carpet cleaning and ease some of the stress of moving. Contact us ahead of your move in or move out to book your professional carpet cleaning and ease some of the stress of moving.

Move In / Move Out Carpet Cleaning

Let us take away some stress.

Move Out Carpet Cleaning

Generally when people are moving, they need their carpet cleaning on a specific day, and are especially in need of a hassle free experience.

If you’re renting and you want to get your security deposit back, you are probably looking for great results to pass inspection. Check out these tips to help to improve the overall experience for your home and apartment carpet cleaning:

  1. Let us know what your specific areas of concern are – if you know what may have caused a spot, it may help us to get a better cleaning result.
  2. Make sure to pre-vacuum thoroughly – Vacuuming well prior to a cleaning is like sweeping or vacuuming before you mop – they go together to help get a great result!
  3. Take some extra care with hair – our process does not fully remove embedded pet hair, especially if there is quite a heavy shedding pet. For best results in areas with lots of pet hair, take some extra time to try to remove the hair by vacuum and/or lint roller before we clean.
  4. Good lighting is important – lots of the time with moving, lamps have been removed, which can make lighting a little more challenging. Opening curtains, turning on ceiling lights can help improve the lighting and make sure we don’t miss anything!

Book your move out cleaning now  or telephone us at 780-444-7847 to reserve your move out date!

Are you a landlord or tenant? Find out more about cleaning situations specific to you.  

Move In Carpet Cleaning

Starting off fresh is a great part about moving into a new place – who wants to walk around on carpets other people have lived on? Booking a carpet cleaning on your move in day is a great plan, but here are some things to consider:

  1. Your keys might (will probably?) be late – we have seen this hundreds of times! Make sure to inform us of when you think you will get your keys so we can work to accommodate your time as best as possible, and provide a cell number so we can touch base on the day of the appointment.
  2. You probably don’t want to put boxes on damp carpet – carpets take on average about 8-10 hours to fully dry, and especially if you’ve decided to re-protect your carpets with Professional Carpet Protector, you will want to try to stay off of them for that time. Factor this into your moving plans.
  3. White soled shoes – if you do have to walk on the carpets while they are damped, use white soled clean shoes and take care when walking onto hard surfaces – your damp shoes can slip!
  4. Check out the vacuum job – cleaning well vacuumed carpets leads to better results! If you can get in to do a vacuum especially of higher traffic areas and areas where there is visible surface debris, that is helpful.
  5. Pet hair – our cleaning does not remove deeply embedded pet hair. If the residents before you had a heavy shedding pet, taking some time to thoroughly vacuum will improve the cleaning results.

Book your move in cleaning now or telephone us at 780-444-7847 to reserve your move in date!

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Moving Carpet Cleaning Reviews

Had a move out carpet cleaning done yesterday by Bogdan and couldn’t be happier! He was very friendly and knowledgeable and did an amazing job. The customer service was also top notch! I asked if I could be earlier in the 8-1 appointment window because I had my walk out with my landlord in the afternoon and they accommodated no problem! Will definitely be booking another appointment with Bogdan to come do our new house :)

- Alexandra A

I call these guys every time and they always exceed my expectations!! I was renting a house and the landlord had the rugs done twice by another company without great results we had Alberta carpet come when doing our move out after 8 years and the carpet was cleaner than when we moved in. Well worth the money - but also very reasonably priced! Friendly, knowledgeable staff!!

- Angela Anderson

I used Alberta Carpet Cleaning for a move out scenario. After making an appointment request online, I was phoned within 2 hours for details and to book an appointment. They gave me a time window but took into account my work schedule. On the day of the appointment, they contacted me and confirmed a time wherein they would be complete before I had to go to work. Everyone I engaged with was polite and friendly. The professionalism was topnotch. The entire process exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend.

- Maxwell Wood

My family has used Alberta Carpet Cleaning for our yearly big home cleans and now for a recent move out cleaning. The workers are always professional and explain what products they use. Costs are fair and transparent. I strongly recommend!Services: Clean carpet, Remove pet stains & odors

- Dylan Bell

The gentleman who showed was very friendly and professional. He worked quickly to set up and did a marvellous job cleaning my carpets. I used this service again 27 Aug for a move out clean and am totally satisfied. I would recommend them to everyone.Services: Remove pet stains & odors, Clean carpet

- Karen Robinson

Very efficient and professional individual who arrived and cleaned the carpets on a move out. In fact the condo owners took name down on who did the work as they were also impressed.Service: Clean carpet

- Scott McCurdy