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Furnace, Duct & Vent Cleaning Services

In addition to our regular carpet, upholstery and area rug cleaning services, through our sister-division Alberta Furnace Cleaning,  we also offer furnace and duct cleaning, dryer vent and HVAC cleaning services. 

Furnace and Duct Cleaning 

Seeing a lot of dust in your home or unsure of when the last time your system was cleaned? Our experienced Alberta Furnace Cleaning crews provide a thorough cleaning of all components of your home heating system. For most homes this means the furnace and all related duct work, but we also clean Heating Recovery Ventilators (HRVs), and internal Air Conditioning coils.

Dryer Vent Cleaning  

While in extreme cases a clogged dryer vent could cause a fire, for most people, a less than clean dryer vent can mean longer clothes drying times and higher energy bills. If your dryer is located very close to an outside wall with a short vent, it may be a simple job for you to slide your dryer out and vacuum your vent with a shop vac, but for longer vents with more complicated exit points, Alberta Furnace Cleaning can help!

Use our one convenient form to add furnace & duct cleaning or dryer vent cleaning when you Book Your Cleaning or Request a Quote for carpet cleaning or telephone us at 780-444-7847!

HVAC Commercial Cleaning 

Alberta Furnace Cleaning has experienced commercial cleaning crews as well as a variety of commercial cleaning equipment to ensure that we can provide a thorough, efficient HVAC cleaning for any size of building. We create a detailed  cleaning plan and post-cleaning report, and we have the largest fleet in Alberta, ensuring your job can get done quickly. 

Condo and Large Scale Dryer Vent Cleaning 

We know that quality work, affordable prices and tight timelines are important when coordinating dryer vent cleaning for larger scale projects  like condo buildings. We work with condo boards and property managers to provide efficient dryer vent cleaning with minimal disruption to your residents. 

Fill out our Commercial Quote form for more information on commercial/large scale HVAC or dryer vent cleaning or telephone us at 780-444-7847 to learn more.

Alberta Carpet Cleaning Reviews

I hired these guys to come clean a carpet that was really bad. I explained everything that was wrong with it and they ASSURED me that they were sending out a senior technician and he'd get it done. The first tech to show up was Socrates. He looked at it and immediately said you'll need to call a restoration company. I told him that it was a rental and I was moving out. Alli needed for him to do was try to clean it. He refused, so I called the company and said we have a huge problem with one of your guys. I explained everything that had happened and ended up getting in contact with the manager Dana. She said she'd send out another guy but they wont guarantee anything now. I said that's fine, I just need him to TRY at least. Mark came out and he SAVED THE DAY. The carpet was almost perfect after he was finished. If only Socrates would have done his job and tried, there wouldn't have been any issue. But I honestly think that he didnt want to take it on and was, for lack of a better word, lazy.Service: Clean carpet

- Lyss Merchant

My experience with Alberta carpet cleaning was exceptional. From the first phone call dealing with Jennifer who was extremely helpful personable and professional, she helped me set up two appointments and explain the process. Justin was the gentleman who came to do the carpets, He did try to upsell Without being pushy, even though I did not purchase any extras, I did appreciate him doing his job. Justin was very professional and respected my home and did a great job on the carpets. I would definitely recommend Alberta carpet cleaning!! Very happy customer.

- Connie Leblanc

What an amazing job. Had an area rug with deep set in stains from pets and kids. Had no expectation they'd all come out, I was just hoping for a cleaner rug after a few years in storage. On the day it was supposed to be returned, the technician called to say he wasn't happy with the clean and wanted to take a little more time. Delivered a week later in like new condition! No sign of any stains, the white areas are excellently white and clean. Couldn't be happier!Services: Remove pet stains & odors, Clean area rugs

- Scott Fulton

Super stress free and professional. Laben the technician was extremely knowledgeable, professional and had a great personality. My basement carpet is cleaned every year by me using a machine rental, however, this time I decided to hire Alberta Carpet Cleaning and what a difference it made. My carpet is actually fresh. I highly recommend, and will definitely use this company in the future. Thank you guys and a huge shout out to Laben.Service: Clean carpet

- g chebli

Bogdan did an amazing job. He was very courteous and professional. It was hot in the house and he was working hard but never complained. He educated me on different types of carpets. The carpets were spotless when he was finished.I think Alberta Carpet Cleaning is an amazing company and to hear Bogdan speak of his employer, I think they are very good to their employees. I also know from personal experience that they do a lot of charity work.I highly recommend their services.Service: Clean carpet

- Maureen Watson

Was very impressed by the professionalism and knowledge Alberta Carpet & Cleaning showed when they came to clean our home. They were quick and carpets looked great! Special shout out to Mark (who we’ll be using from now on) for his kindness and patience! Definitely recommend!

- Mona Afshar