Spots, Spills, Stains & Odours

Immediate Care of Spots, Spills & Accidents on Carpet, Rugs and Upholstery:

  1. Take care of it as quickly as possible
  2. Use our stain guide or do some further research before trying something yourself and making it worse or causing it to become permanent
  3. If there is solid debris or material, gently remove as much as possible
  4. Blot up as much as possible using clean white rags or towels. Apply weight to suck up as much liquid as possible.
  5. Work from the outside of the spot towards the middle
  6. Always blot (push down), never rub – this can permanently damage the fibres.
  7. If it’s not totally gone, call Alberta Carpet Cleaning for some professional backup. 

Ready to Call in Some Backup for your spill?

Addressing spots, spills and accidents on your carpet or furniture as quickly as possible is important. Letting us know when you have an urgent concern such as a recent spill or accident can help us to prioritize your cleaning and help you as soon as possible. It helps if you have an idea of what the cause of the spot is so that we can treat it properly and have the best results possible (eg. Blood must be treated ONLY with COLD and not hot water).


Basic cleaning will remove light odours and spots and stains. If you have specific or stronger odour concerns there are two additional treatments that we can offer:

Spring Breeze Deodorizer™ is an odour counteractant applied along with our enzyme- based pre-conditioner which increases the strength of your cleaning by combating odours caused by smoke, foods, pet oils, dander and more while leaving behind a pleasant, fresh scent. Learn More.

BioTreat™ Pet Odour Neutralizer is an enzyme-based pet stain treatment that counters urine odours and stains by digesting biological materials that have soaked deeper than regular cleaning will reach. Learn More.

Can you get everything out?

No. We can’t get out permanent stains – if the fibres have been dyed or bleached then it may be permanent. Handling spots as soon as possible, and treating them appropriate to what caused them can help to improve our chances of success!

View our Stain Guide for additional stain removal tips.

Alberta Carpet Cleaning Reviews

We had our dining room chairs done ! And some tub chairs done. Really needed it ! Turned out great. Alberta Carpet/furnature cleaning tech,was very knowledgeable. They look like new. Thanks to Alberta Carpet/Furniture/ Furnace cleaning.

- William Ratcliffe