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10 Tips to Avoid Carpet and Furnace Cleaning Scams

Unfortunately, the carpet cleaning and furnace & duct cleaning industries attract a lot of scammers. They seek out consumers in search of a good deal, and may use heavy handed sales tactics to walk away with your money. At best they may leave you with a poor cleaning job, and at worst, significant damage to your home.

Home services scams come in many forms, but the top three we hear about are:

Online & Social Media Scams

Kijiji and online Facebook buy/sell groups are favourite places for scammers online. They may use a legitimate or well known company name, but insist that you communicate with them through a Facebook profile or email address that does not seem linked to the company. If they are offering a deal that seems too good to be true, and asking for a credit card deposit to secure your appointment, it’s a good idea to avoid.

High Pressure, Illegal Telemarketing

If you are on the Canada Do Not Call Registry, and receive a telephone call from a company who you have never done business with, it is illegal, and a sign that the company is not above board.

Door to Door Sales Scammers

Scammers may come door to door offering a deal that is too good to be true, only to pressure you to buy confusing upgrades, or they may insist on coming inside, and then pressure you into high priced services without giving you time to think. Most reputable companies do not use door to door sales, but if they do, will have uniformed employees with official IDs, and a company vehicle with identifying logos.

Things to consider when choosing a carpet cleaning or furnace & duct cleaning provider, or if you are concerned you may be dealing with a scammer: 

  • Check out their reputation – look at a number of sources – the BBB (include link) tracks the reputation of members and non-members and provides a rating based on what they find, as well as based on consumer complaints and reviews. Review sites such as Google, Yelp, and Homestars can show you not only what customers are saying, but how the company responds when a customer has a complaint.
  • Insist on talking to them on the phone. A legitimate company will be able to provide a local number to reach them during business hours.
  • Choose a company who has a quality/satisfaction guarantee.
  • If you suspect a company may not be legitimate, request a WCB Clearance letter to show that they have obtained the proper insurance to do work for you.
  • Request the company’s GST number and verify they are registered in the Government of Canada GST Registry
  • Call your city’s business license department to confirm if they are licensed to operate in your city.
  • NEVER provide credit card or paypal deposit online to secure a carpet or furnace cleaning appointment. In Alberta there are strict rules around pre-paying for services.

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What Our Customers Have To Say

Oh my goodness...Shawna(sp?) went above and beyond! Socrates initially came and did the carpet cleaning. Great job! Next day the smell was horrible. Due to time constraints...Alberta carpet cleaning needed to come back and discuss what was done and what needed to be done. Scott eventually came back this morning and assessed the situation. Due to the fact that there had been grey water mould that was never addressed previously he assured us the carpets were clean and that the smell was due the the grey water. Thank you Alberta carpet cleaning for exemplary service. Despite the lack of communication, I gave 5 stars because of their desire to rectify a problem that was out of their control. Thank you, Steve’s Mom ☺️☺️Services: Remove pet stains & odors, Clean carpet

- Cherryle Kereiff

Excellent service all around. Upfront about everything, work was clearly explained and the service did exactly what was promised. The technician (Scott D) was very courteous, professional and did his job well.

- Douglas Morgan

The service representative was courteous & professional. I appreciated the contact & follow-up to set the appointment including a detailed estimate of price. The only negative was a spot in the carpet that I couldn't tell was still there until the area dried. Overall excellent service & value. Very nice company to deal with.

- Lonnie Law

Nic arrived early. He was very friendly and helpful. Explained each step of the process. He was very efficient and completed the job in a timely manner.We can highly recommend Alberta Carpet Cleaning and we will use their services again.Services: Clean area rugs, Clean carpet, Clean upholstery

- Roy Chatfield

From start to finish, an overall excellent experience....I haven't had my carpets cleaned in a few years and have a dog & cat now and I just KNEW it needed to be done....Alberta Carpet Cleaning sent me a flyer and I called to inquire. The lady on the other end was a sweetheart (I think her name was Rebecca?) and got me booked in and sorted out without a hiccup, didn't think I could get it done THIS WEEK. But she had me scheduled 48 hours later....Then they had Socrates come by the house, and he was polite, knowledgeable and very friendly.....Focused on getting stains out and was quick and respectful. Repeat business goes without saying after such a wonderful experience. That was textbook customer satisfaction.Services: Clean carpet, Remove pet stains & odors

- Cory Osta

The gentleman that came to our house his name was J Bogdan he was very professional, and polite he did a wonderful job on all the carpets I would definitely recommend him on any job that you want done right. So keep up with the great employees you have hired that are making a great name for you guys.Service: Clean carpet

- Jerry Olivieri