COVID-19 Response

Cleaning with Care – Our Coronavirus Response

December 1, 2023 – I am writing today to let you know what we at Alberta Carpet & Furnace Cleaning are doing in response to the coronavirus in Edmonton. We are happy to see cases declining and our province re-opening. We are continuing with appropriate safety measures for the protection of our staff and customers. As a local, family owned business, we appreciate your support!

Additional Safety Measures We Have Added:

  • Stringent sick policies
  • High focus on hand washing and use of hand sanitizer
  • Observing physical distancing, and eliminating hand shaking
  • Increased frequency of disinfection of vehicle touch points
  • Staff will wear masks upon request of customer

Requirements for Cleaning:

Due to the possibility of pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic spread, we are asking our customers to participate in taking extra precautions to ensure the mutual safety of our staff and customers:

  • Let us know if anyone in your home is self isolating or quarantined – we will re-schedule your appointment
  • Let us know if you or anyone in your home have a cough, fever or respiratory symptoms – we will set your appointment to follow up in 10 days to re-schedule
  • We are asking our customers to provide access to hand washing facilities for our employees while they are in your home

Current COVID-19 Situation in Alberta

As Alberta opens up, we are aware that different customers will have differing levels of concern. Please share with us if you have heightened risk or concerns and we will do our best to accommodate.

Current information is available here:

Sanitizing/Disinfecting Your Carpets & Ducts

Unfortunately, even at a time like this, there are companies who are willing to take advantage of fear and concern about the virus, and try to sell products with mis-leading information. There are certainly disinfectants available that can be applied to your ducts or to your carpets, however, no product is approved by Health Canada for true disinfection of these surfaces. In both a heating system and on carpeting, coverage and application cannot be controlled to the extent required to confirm disinfection has occurred. Based on information from the World Health Organization and our government about how COVID-19 spreads, applying disinfectant to your ducts or carpets is not a measure we would recommend to protect yourself, or prevent the spread of COVID-19. When it comes to disinfecting your home, your best bet is to focus on high touch surfaces (such as counters, door knobs, light switches, and electronics).

If you or someone in your home has had COVID-19 and you are booking a cleaning following their illness, please inform our office at the time of booking so that we can take all necessary precautions.

We remain committed to providing for your cleaning needs in a safe and caring way, now and into the future.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Holly Jones
Alberta Carpet & Furnace Cleaning

Alberta Carpet Cleaning Reviews

Outstanding customer service! They went above and beyond to get the job done. I will absolutely use them for all upholstery cleaning needs.

- Sara O'Dea

The Carpet Technician they sent was Wonderful. He explained exactly what he was doing and the difference of our fibres in our carpet ( up and down is different. ) He worked hard and got the stains out. He has a good sense of humour and great public relations. I would recommend this gentleman his name is Bogdan .Services: Clean carpet, Remove pet stains & odors


I hired these guys to come clean a carpet that was really bad. I explained everything that was wrong with it and they ASSURED me that they were sending out a senior technician and he'd get it done. The first tech to show up was Socrates. He looked at it and immediately said you'll need to call a restoration company. I told him that it was a rental and I was moving out. Alli needed for him to do was try to clean it. He refused, so I called the company and said we have a huge problem with one of your guys. I explained everything that had happened and ended up getting in contact with the manager Dana. She said she'd send out another guy but they wont guarantee anything now. I said that's fine, I just need him to TRY at least. Mark came out and he SAVED THE DAY. The carpet was almost perfect after he was finished. If only Socrates would have done his job and tried, there wouldn't have been any issue. But I honestly think that he didnt want to take it on and was, for lack of a better word, lazy.Service: Clean carpet

- Lyss Merchant

You guys! I was so pleasantly surprised by quickly my call was answered 2. How quickly they were able to come out 3. How friendly and knowledgeable he was 4. How hard working he was and 5. How reasonable the price is! This was a giant win for me and I will always use this company! Well done you guys! I’m so so happy and I won’t stop telling people!

- Caterina Coffey

Alberta Carpet Cleaning have worked their wonders on rugs in two residences for us in the past. Very happy with them on those occasions and we will continue to ask them for this service as the years go on. This was our first upholstery request. Same excellent work as the rugs. They are our go to people for rug and furniture cleaning.Services: Clean carpet, Clean upholstery

- judy.john collier

The man who came to do my couch cleaning was professional and friendly. He explained the process to me and told me what to expect. He arrived on time and gave me an accurate approximation of how long it would take. I would use Alberta Furnace and Carpet Cleaning again!Service: Clean upholstery

- Samantha Skelton