Get A Step Closer To A Cleaner Rug

Get A Step Closer To A Cleaner Rug

Specialty Persian Rug Cleaning in Edmonton

When your Persian area rug needs cleaning, turn to the carpet and area rug expects at Alberta Carpet Cleaning in Edmonton. Our professionally certified carpet and area rug cleaning technicians, many of whom have been with us for 10 years or longer, bring experience and expertise to make sure the job is done right. 

Alberta Carpet Cleaning has been serving our clients for over 30 years and we’ve developed internal controls and training systems that are time tested and can be trusted. That’s why we pick up your Persian rug for free and bring it to our special area rug cleaning facility. There, we can perform in-depth cleaning using our specialized equipment and drying racks. 

Your Persian rug will receive a 4 step dust removal including double-sided vacuuming & double sided treatment with our heavy duty rug duster to remove the maximum amount of dust & debris. Spots & stains will be treated & cleaned. Deeper or persistent stains that return after drying will be re-treated as necessary. If your Persian rug has heavy staining from pets or other sources, it will be cleaned as necessary to restore it to the best condition possible given the age and wear of the rug. This may include multiple cleanings. When we’re done, we will deliver your Persian area rug back to you for free. 

In addition to cleaning your Persian area rug, we also offer treatments that can prolong time between cleanings and increase the life of your Persian area rug.


Before we protect your carpets, area rugs and furniture, we can apply our Spring Breeze Deodorizer to leave your carpets smelling fresh. Spring Breeze Deodorizer™ is an odour counteractant that is applied along with our enzyme based

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For accidents that soak deep into the carpet, we recommend Biotreat. Biotreat consumes organic material, reducing or completely removing odours and renewing the life of your area rugs.

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To protect your carpets, area rugs and furniture from future soiling and to make cleaning spills easier, ask us about our Professional Fabric Protector. Professional Fabric & Carpet Protector: Helps carpet fibers resist soiling. Makes blotting up liquid spills easier.

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If you have a small spill or spot, clean it carefully and quickly, while it is still wet, following our stain guide. Use an absorbent material such as a cloth diaper or disposable diaper or feminine pad to absorb as much as possible. If there is a large volume of liquid, we recommend calling a professional, as it will be difficult to extract on your own.

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