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How Humidity Affects Drying Time After Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning In A Humid Home

Humidity levels inside a home can have a big impact on the drying time for carpets after they’ve been cleaned. Here are some ways humidity can affect carpet drying:

  • High Humidity Slows Evaporation: When the humidity level is high, the air is already full of moisture. This makes it more difficult for water to evaporate from wet carpets because there’s less room in the air for the extra moisture. As a result, carpets will take longer to dry in high humidity conditions.
  • Increased Moisture Absorption: High humidity can also cause carpets to absorb more moisture from the air, even after the cleaning process is complete. This additional moisture can prolong the drying time because the carpet fibres are already holding more water content.
  • Risk of Mold and Mildew Growth: Lots of moisture in the air, coupled with damp carpets, creates an ideal environment for mold and mildew. If carpets take too long to dry due to high humidity, there’s a higher risk of developing mold and mildew, which can be harmful to both the carpet and indoor air quality.
  • Impact on Air Circulation: Humid air tends to be heavier and less conducive to efficient air circulation. Proper air circulation is essential for facilitating the evaporation of water from carpets. In high humidity environments, it may be necessary to use fans or dehumidifiers to improve air circulation and speed up drying times.
  • Moisture Retention in Carpet Padding: Carpets consist of not just the visible fibres but also a padding layer underneath. High humidity can cause this padding to retain moisture, further prolonging the overall drying process, as the water has to evaporate not just from the carpet surface but also from the underlying padding.

You can help fight the effects of humidity on carpet drying times by:

  • Using fans or air movers to improve air circulation and promote faster evaporation.
  • Opening windows and doors, if weather permits, to allow dry air from outside to enter the home.
  • Running a dehumidifier in the room where the carpets are drying to reduce humidity levels. Make sure to monitor and empty the tank frequently!
  • Scheduling carpet cleaning during periods of lower humidity, such as dry seasons or times of the day when humidity tends to be lower.

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We had our dining room chairs done ! And some tub chairs done. Really needed it ! Turned out great. Alberta Carpet/furnature cleaning tech,was very knowledgeable. They look like new. Thanks to Alberta Carpet/Furniture/ Furnace cleaning.

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Had a move out carpet cleaning done yesterday by Bogdan and couldn’t be happier! He was very friendly and knowledgeable and did an amazing job. The customer service was also top notch! I asked if I could be earlier in the 8-1 appointment window because I had my walk out with my landlord in the afternoon and they accommodated no problem! Will definitely be booking another appointment with Bogdan to come do our new house :)

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Great job done and some of the best customer service I've encountered. The technician (Jason) was very friendly and personable. He was very quick and efficient in his work. The carpets look and smell great! Very happy with my choice to use Alberta Carpet Cleaning! I'm sure I will repeat in the future.

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